What We Treat


Hard skin and Corns

This is one of the most common causes of foot discomfort in adults. The build-up of hard skin and corns can be reduced by manual debridement and enucleation and advice is given on how to help control the build-up between appointments.


The treatment of Verrucae usually requires a short, intensive course of topical acid treatment to eradicate the virus. The length of treatment course depends on many factors, including size, quantity of verrucae, how long they’ve been present, age of the client and any systemic health conditions. We have an excellent resolution rate for verrucae using our weekly salicylic acid treatment.


Thickened and Disfigured Toenails

Thickened toenails can be caused by age, systemic health conditions, trauma to the nail and fungal infections. In many cases regular cutting and reduction of the nail will help improve comfort in shoes and prevents unnecessary pressure under the nail.

In-Growing Toenails

This can be an extremely painful condition; however with the correct treatment great relief can be effected within a single appointment. If the in-growing toenail is a chronic and on-going issue, toenail surgery under local anaesthetic can provide a long-term solution.